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Most companies in the medical industry prefer having their CERs written by a third party. Although this strategy can work in some situations, the truth is that it is not the best. First, no one has a better understanding of the equipment that you do. No literature review company can come and offer you depth information more than you can.

Getting your Submission Right

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The company you will work with will highly influence the possibility of getting your submission right the first time. From our experience, a consultant willing to involve your team from the beginning to the end is the best Such a consultant can help you get your submission right the first time. This is because your team understands your products better than anyone else. Therefore they are going to furnish the consultant with all the information they may need.

Check the Quality of Searches

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Many CERs consultants that you see out there are in the business because they want to make fast money. Therefore, they are not going to tell you all their weaknesses because you may not hire them. Consequently, it is upon you to ensure that you are dealing with a company that has highly qualified staff. Check to see if their researchers are accepted in several countries. Additionally, it is essential to scrutinize the number of years that they have been in the industry. If they have been in the industry for a long time, then that means that they have the skills and experience to address all matters in clinical literature.

Check the Research Technology

Because that literature search is essential in CERs, you do not want to make mistakes. Although something CERs literature review may appear like a small issue to some people, the truth is that it has the potential of bringing your businesses to a standstill. You do not want to give your competitors a simple work of overtaking you because of not being keen on small matters. The technology that the company you are going to work with will be using can influence the quality of the literature review you are going to get. The technology is the one that determines the depth of information that one can get. Therefore, ensure that you choose a consultant who has invested in technology heavily.