Ways to Know the Right CBD Dosage for Your Dog’s Anxiety

If your dog barks endlessly after you left and come home to so much clutter of urine, poop, and damaged items, your dog is surely having separation anxiety. He also have a fear-related anxiety if he is scared of loud noise like banging of doors, thunderstorms, and firecrackers. Some dogs may age gracefully with only a few simple health problems. On the other hand, many dogs are predisposed with age-related anxiety.

Dog anxiety can be treated in many ways. But when it is far more serious than you think, bringing a new furry friend and cuddling your dog more may not be enough. But it may not be right also to go for outright medication. Pharmaceutical drugs may have some side effects. The best alternative can be is to go for natural remedies and the most logical choice can is CBD oil.

You must be familiar of CBD oil for dogs already. They are already flooding pet stores. One concern that you should think of when buying CBD oil for your dog’s anxiety is the cbd dosage for dog. Yes. It is critical to know the right dosage for your dog’s anxiety so as not to under dose or overdose. Here are simple ways to come up with the right CBD dosage for your dog’s anxiety.

Consult a Veterinarian

When it comes to health issues concerning our pets, a veterinarian knows best. Most veterinarians support the use of CBD oil to treat several health issues in dogs. If not, ask him about CBD and that you want to try it. Along with a vet’s prescription is the dosage of the CBD you should be giving. Follow it strictly.

Consider Buying Treats

If you have been prescribed with liquid CBD, buying CBD dog treats can have so much benefits. Look for dog treats which specifies its CBD dosage clearly. One advantage of CBD treats is that it can be easier to dose and administer. If you are rushing, you can just give one to your dog. Your dog will also surely enjoy CBD treats as they come in many flavors.

Choose Only Reputable Brands

When buying CBD for your dog, the best option is to go for products made by manufacturers with the best credentials. Mostly, their products are labeled with the recommended dosages for dogs. Just be sure that you know your dog’s exact body weight so you can determine the right dosage for your furry baby.…

stuffed dog

Benefits of Utilizing Dog Cage

Most people love having pets in our houses; these pets became a member of our families. They do not mind having additional member to take care of, as long as they have another source of joy. There are different animals that you can have as a pet at your home, such as cats, fish, birds, rabbits, but most of us love having dogs as our pets. Some people let their dogs sleep with them in their beds, but some don’t. They spend money to buy dog cages or cusca caine as they call it in Romania. People have their own reasons why they chose to let their dogs sleep in a cage, and it is actually a good thing. Here are the benefits of using a dog cage, both for you and your dog:



The dog cage will accommodate a safe and secure place to keep your dog when it is necessary; the cage can be at your house, with you and your dog on vacation, or it is being used while staying somewhere else other than your home. Some of us are not comfortable with having our dog wandering around by themselves while we are away from home. The dog cage will provide you with the security of knowing that your dog is okay and not getting into trouble. It will likewise let the dog realize that they have a safe and familiar place to be while you are not with him. A dog cage can be a decent tool for the responsible pet owner that gives you extra alternatives in caring for your dog.

dogTravel Safely

We all know that not all dogs do well when travelling in moving vehicles. Plus, it is unsafe to let your dog roam around your car while you drive. Dog cages provide a comfortable and more secured way for your dog to travel in moving vehicles; it can help your dog to stay relaxed and calm when on a trip. They are additionally useful for substitute modes of travelling such as planes. You also have to ensure that you have a cage that is big enough for your dog to be comfortable inside.

Behavior Modification

Try not to utilize the time in the cage to as a discipline system or a punishment technique; the tendencies are your dogs would have a negative association with the cage and complain and resist cage time. If you try to put your dogs in the cage while you are mad, they will think of it as something to dodge. Placing your dog in the cage in a calm manner, and of course, a treat will help them to stay in there without feeling hesitant.…


Tips for Taking Care of Your Kitten

Many people have cats as their pets. They prefer cats over other animals because of several reasons. One of which is the fact that cats do not need as much attention as dogs need. In short, a cat is more independent than a dog. However, it does not mean that you should not take care of your cat.

a kitten resting

Therefore, you need to make an effort to give your cat a good life. Of course, you should double your efforts if you’re raising a kitten. It is important to note though that the kitten must stay with its mother for the first 8 weeks of its life. After that, you can start taking care of your kitten.  Check out these tips for raising a kitten.

a kitten playing

Stow Away Dangerous Items

For starters, it is imperative to stow away dangerous items from the kitten. For instance, you must get rid or hide items that can easily be swallowed by the kitten. These items include pens, tissues, paper towels, toilet paper, and rubber bands, to name a few. Anything that you think can choke your kitten must be kept at a safe place.

Feed Your Kitten Properly

After about 8 weeks, the mother cat will likely wean its kittens. This is why you can start adopting a kitten as early as 8 weeks from birth. However, be sure that you know what to feed your kitten. For instance, feeding your kitten with cow’s milk can cause diarrhea. Therefore, only feed it with a cat’s milk, which you can find at many pet shops. Moreover, you should learn how to make homemade kitten formula for emergency purposes. Of course, knowing how to make a homemade kitten formula will also help you to save a few bucks. Therefore, search online for guides on how to make homemade milk for kittens if you still do not know how to do it.

feeding a kitten

Besides milk, you can also feed your kitten with water. Make sure though that you only give your kitten clean water. Since your kitten is already able to eat solid foods, you can also buy canned food or dry food for your kitten. Make sure that you choose something that is rich in nutrients, including protein as well as calcium.

Schedule Vet Visits

If there is someone who knows how to take care of kittens or animals in general, it is the veterinarian. For this reason, ensure that you schedule an appointment with a vet. Keep in mind that it is paramount to visit a vet to seek advice on how to take care of your kitten. For instance, the vet will tell you the best diet for your kitten. Of course, the vet will also check your kitten for any diseases.…