crimes against humanity

Humanity is forgetting your selfishness and helping others when they need that help the most and spreading unconditional love to the living things on earth.

Crime is an illegal act that one does against the laws of a country, and it is punishable by the state, country or other authorities. Here are some of the crimes that are against humanity:


Murder is the unlawfully killing of another person for a personal gain with malice aforethought. Losing someone is painful, but losing someone due to the violent action of someone else through murder can be particularly devastating, and life can fall apart for those who are left behind after murder.

Murder is punishable by long-term imprisonment, death penalty or a life sentence.

Childhood Abuse

This is any form of mistreatment by an adult to a child which is violent or threatening to the child. Childhood abuse can include sexual abuse, physical abuse or emotional abuse. People abuse children because they want to control and power over them.

Abusing children is never the child’s fault and is always wrong. Childhood abuse may lead to anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress, self-harm or maybe suicidal thoughts and can last into adulthood.

war crimes

Cyber Crime and Online Fraud

Cyber-crime is any form of crime that is done online through the internet by the use of smartphones, laptops, computers, or enabled televisions. Cyber-crime is common because one’s identity is hidden or may have provided fake information and is believable and well organized.

Online fraud, on the other hand, is when someone deceives or tricks you into gaining a dishonest advantage—usually money, property, goods or services. Just like cybercrime, someone can use fake information or use another person’s identity details to hide and carry out a crime.

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is the abuse or pattern of incidents of threatening, degrading or forcefully controlling by a partner, ex-partner or by a family member.

Women are more likely than men to experience domestic abuse regardless of ethnic, race, class, disability, class or religious group. Domestic abuse includes sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, online abuse, female genital mutilation, forced marriage and honour-based violence.

Rape and Sexual Assault

Rape is when someone forcefully has sex with you without your consent or agreement. It involves penetration of private parts of the vagina, mouth or anus without your agreement.

Rape affects both men and women, and if someone forces you to have sex with them, you should report them to the authorities. Sexual assault is when someone forcefully sexually touches you with or without clothes.